Employees and spouses on the county's insurance plan are eligible to receive a premium reduction of up to $100 per month, per person by meeting up to 4 standards set by the program. If a participant does not meet one or more standards, he or she will then be eligible to earn the amount missed in the form of a participation incentive. 

Also, employees, spouses and dependents who take prescriptions for asthma, blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes can receive 100% coverage of these medications by participating in the Chronic Disease Management Program.

How To Earn A Premium Reduction


Premium reductions expire every June 30. In order to stay active in the program July 1, current employees and spouses must complete a new premium reduction form between April and June. Health fair screenings completed within the previous 2 years are accepted, but blood pressure measurements and BMI/waist measurements must be current. Health fair screenings can be completed at no cost once per calendar year by attending the Employee Health Fair in the Spring or another blood draw offered by Wyoming Health Fairs. 


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How To Earn A Participation Incentive

Any participant who is not receiving the full premium reduction, can make up the difference by participating in the Participation Incentive Program to earn an incentive awarded twice per year (January and July). Details on how to participate are listed under the Reductions and Incentive tab. 

Possible Incentive Amounts

  • Missed BMI or waist measurement at $50 per month, after 6 months participation:  $300 

  • Missed Glucose or A1c at $20 per month, after 6 months participation: $120 

  • Missed Blood Pressure at $15 per month, after 6 months participation: $90 

  • Missed Cholesterol at $15 per month, after 6 months participation: $90 


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How To Earn Prescription Coverage

Employees, spouses, and dependents  can receive prescriptions for blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, and diabetes at no cost through participation in the Prescription Coverage Program.


                           Participation details are listed here:

Why Offer A Wellness Program?

Fremont County Government provides employees and covered spouses who are enrolled in the health insurance plan an opportunity to participate in a Wellness Program to support a healthy lifestyle.


The goal of the program is to promote and encourage good health of employees and their spouses. We believe that healthy employees provide the public with the best service and this incentive is a win-win for the county and employees.


The Fremont County Wellness Program is a voluntary program and all information shared is kept confidential under HIPAA guidelines.  

Who Is The Program Manager?

Penny Fahey is the Fremont County Wellness Program Manager. She has worked with Fremont County employees and families for over 8 years years.  She offers many group activities to improve health and wellness, and is happy to meet with individuals to discuss their personal goals as well. Her services are offered to Wellness Program participants, and all county employees and spouses regardless of program participation. Her credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and Health 

  • Certified Wellness Program Manager, National Wellness Institute

  • Medical Exercise Specialist Certification with the American Council on Exercise (ACE)

  • Health Coach Certification with ACE 

  • Lifestyle Coach Certification with the CDC Diabetes Prevention Program

  • Certified Trainer, Matter of Balance 

  • Tai Chi For Health Institute Certification: Tai Chi for Arthritis & Falls Prevention

  • Functional Fitness Specialist Certification (ACE)

  • HIPAA Training Certification 

  • CPR / AED / First Aid Certification


If you have questions about the Wellness Program requirements or any activity offered by the program, please contact her:


                                                    (307) 714-2380 cell