Premium Reduction Program

Employees and spouses can receive a premium reduction of up to $100 per month, per person by meeting standards recommended by the National Institutes of Health for BMI, or waist measurement, blood pressure, cholesterol, and fasting glucose or A1c. Each standard is worth a specific dollar amount. 


How To Earn A Premium Reduction

Current employees   

Premium reductions expire every June 30. In order to stay active in the program July 1, current employees and spouses must complete a new premium reduction form between April and June. Blood screenings completed within the previous 2 years are accepted, but blood pressure measurements and BMI/waist measurements must be current. Blood screenings can be completed at no cost once per calendar year by attending the Employee Health Fair in the Spring or Fall. Physician waivers for the standards are accepted (see below).


New Employees

New employees and spouses are eligible to sign up for a premium reduction one month before health insurance benefits begin. Blood screenings completed within the previous 2 years are accepted, and current blood pressure and BMI/waist measurements can be completed by medical professional or Wellness Program Coordinator. If necessary, blood screenings can be completed at a discount through the Lander Medical Clinic (see link for flyer below).  Once insurance benefits begin, employees and spouses can complete blood screenings annually at no cost by attending the Employee Health Fair in the Spring or Fall. Physician waivers for the standards are accepted (see below).



  • A physician can waive one or more of the standards for the Premium Reduction Program if the standard is affected by a pre-exisiting medical condition or current medical care. The physician request and signature is all that is necessary; no documentation of the participant's medical history is required. 

  • If a standard is missed, and no physician waiver is provided, the participant will not receive the dollar amount for that standard in his/her premium reduction (see form, posted above, for amounts awarded for each standard).  However, the participant is eligible to earn the amount not earned in the form of a Participation Incentive awarded twice per year (see below).

  • Those on the High Deductible Insurance Plan are eligible to earn a premium reduction in the amount not exceeding his/her total monthly premium. 



  • Participants who have missed one or more standards have the option of submitting new measurements October-December 5 in order to have their premium reduction adjusted January 1. No previous Wellness Program participation is necessary, however, previous participation does earn a participation incentive for the portion of the reduction not earned (see information on the Participation Incentive Program below).

  • Employees and spouses who may have missed signing up for the program July 1, or as new employees, can submit completed premium reduction forms October-December 5 to begin participation January 1. 

How To Earn A Participation Incentive

Any participant who is not receiving the full premium reduction, can make up the difference by participating in the Participation Incentive Program to earn an incentive awarded twice per year (January and July). Details on how to participate are listed under the Participation Incentive tab. Activities can be completed online and without a computer, and includes options of monitoring blood pressure, logging physical activity, or participating in the Healthy Steps Community (see individual tabs for even more details). 

Possible Incentive Amounts

  • Missed BMI or waist measurement at $50 per month, after 6 months participation:  $300 

  • Missed Glucose or A1c at $20 per month, after 6 months participation: $120 

  • Missed Blood Pressure at $15 per month, after 6 months participation: $90 

  • Missed Cholesterol at $15 per month, after 6 months participation: $90 

Participation will earn an incentive for all standards missed. For instance, if a participant missed the BMI and blood pressure standards, his/her incentive would be $390 for 6 months participation.  


Employees, spouses, and dependents  can receive prescriptions for blood pressure, cholesterol, asthma, and diabetes at no cost through participation in the Prescription Coverage Program. Participation details are listed under the Rx Program tab, and please call program coordinator Penny to discuss the program:

307-332-1030   or   307-714-2380 (cell)