Participation Incentive Program

Any participant who is not earning the full premium reduction due to not meeting one or more of the standards can make up the difference by participating in the Participation Incentive Program to earn an incentive twice per year (January and July). 

How To Earn A Participation Incentive

Participants can choose between monitoring blood pressure, logging physical activity, or participating in the Healthy Steps Community each quarter. Details for each category are listed under tabs of the same name. In addition to one of these activities, participants should meet with Penny one time per quarter in person, by telelphone or email to insure they are on the list to receive an incentive.

Possible Incentive Amounts

  • Missed BMI or waist measurement standard at $50 per month, after 6 months participation:  $300 

  • Missed Glucose or A1c stabdard at $20 per month, after 6 months participation: $120 

  • Missed Blood Pressure standard at $15 per month, after 6 months participation: $90 

  • Missed Cholesterol standard at $15 per month, after 6 months participation: $90 

Participation will earn an incentive for all standards missed. For instance, if a participant missed the BMI and blood pressure standards, his/her incentive would be $390 for 6 months participation.  


If you missed one or more of the standards for the Premium Reduction Program, you are welcome to re-measure in the Fall to have your reduction adjusted January 1. Although not required, be sure to participate in the Wellness Program July-December to receive your participation incentive check for the amount you missed. Contact Penny to begin participation. 


Participation Requirements

Choose one of the following

1. Monitor Blood Pressure

​Take your blood pressure about once per week using your own cuff, one at a pharmacy or physican's office, or have Penny take it for you. Some departments also have their own cuffs. Record it online or on a paper log and turn in to Penny   every quarter.

2. Log Physical Activity


Choose your physical activity and log it with with a physical activity log from the Wellness Program. Wear a Fitbit or other device? Track your steps and print a report. OR regularly attend Taijifit or Walk15 Classes.   See more ideas under this tab:         

3. Healthy Steps Community


Join the Healthy Steps Community for a series of talks focused on nutrition basics and exercise basics. Monthly talks, videos, as well as tools and helpful resources  will be available. Click this link for more info: