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Healthy Steps for Chronic Diseases

The Fremont County Wellness Program offers a prescription coverage benefit to members that covers medications for diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and asthma. Employees, spouses, and dependents covered by Fremont County health insurance are eligible to participate in the program. Participants can have their medications covered in more than one category and can save up to $1,000 per month on medications. 

What Are the Requirements for Participation?

Simply complete the Annual Participation Form one time per year. The form is always due by December 31 so you can have it signed by your doctor on a regularly scheduled visit. Participants not submitting an annual form will be removed from the program January 31 (this will also affect any other family members covered by the program). Monthly newsletters/quizzes will also provide members with ways to participate regularly in the program. 

How Can I Sign Up?

Complete this form to let Tatum know you are interested. She will contact you with more information to get you and/or your family started. 

Sign Me Up!

Thank you!

Annual Participation Forms 

For Employees & Spouses 

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Asthma:


if you fall into more than one category, you only need to get one form signed.

*Note:  This is different from the Premium Reduction Program. 

For Dependents


Blood Pressure

Normal Pulse



BMI, or Body Mass Index is based on a formula using height (inches) & weight (pounds):

BMI= (703 * weight) / (height * height)

Waist measurement, with or without considering BMI, is a more accurate way to determine a healthy weight. Measurements above the maximum for both men and women reflect an increase risk on developing diseases, like heart disease and

Type 2 Diabetes. 

Healthy Waist Meas. for Men:  <40 inches

Healthy Waist Meas. for Women:  <35 inches

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