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Responses To Our "I Ate This As A Kid" Survey

Recently I asked participants what they ate as a kid that would not pass as healthy today, although it   probably tasted really good. I remember eating sandwiches with bologna, Miracle Whip, and crushed Lays Potato Chip between two slices of Wonder Bread. Sometimes the Wonder Bread would sandwich a couple of thick slices of Spam (I still remember collecting the keys from the cans). Below are some of the answers from you (thank you!):

I ate pizza– leftover pizza covered in melted cheese with pepperoni.  Delicious but not healthy at all!

​A slice of bread with butter and sugar sprinkled on it.  Grandma said it’d get rid of hiccups.

Hot dogs out of the package in the refrigerator. We would sneak them  all afternoon until they were gone. I can still remember the taste, the salty taste.


I remember eating raw cookie dough!

Fried Spam filets. Liver and onions. Pickled heart.  Beef brains and scrambled eggs.

I remember eating Froot Loops straight out of the  box while watching cartoons on Saturday mornings.

Breakfast with scrambled eggs, and then fried in bacon grease for lunch.  We also ate a lot of Hamburger Helper because ground beef was cheap,  with potatoes fried in bacon grease.

My mom baked and decorated cakes and we got the scraps  with globs of frosting on them for snacks! But one other time,  she thought she had found the snacks that were good for us–  space sticks! She didn’t have to buy them often!


The chocolate lovers plate at our local pancake house, which was   3 large buttered chocolate pancakes fried with chocolate chips  inside and served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream drizzled in chocolate syrup. I probably washed it down with a glass of chocolate  milk. Thankfully, this was an occasional treat on Sundays after church.