Physical Activity

Everyone is welcome to participate, and if you are earning a participation incentive, choose an activity to complete monthly and meet with Penny at least one time per quarter.

Learn Nordic Walking

Nordic walking has been a popular activity in Europe and Canada for over 30 years, and it is easy to see why! Nordic walking uses poles designed specifically for the sport (they are different from hiking or trekking poles) that help to provide a total body workout during a normal walk!


· Nordic walking engages upper body muscles, and core muscles,                          strengthening the whole body and burning more calories than                                      regular walking.

· A 15 minute Nordic walk provides the same benefits of walking                                              about 30 minutes, so you can get fit in half the time!

· Using poles helps to improve posture, and takes pressure                                                        off the hip and knees, and back.

· Nordic walking improves balance and coordination.

· Numerous research studies show Nordic walking helps to improve and prevent                   chronic diseases like high blood pressure and Type 2 Diabetes. 


Penny is a certified Advanced Instructor with the American Nordic Walking Association, as well as an Urban Poling Instructor with Urban Poling of Canada. Nordic walking is her favorite fitness activity and she earned her certification to share it with others! Please come try it for yourself! Hopefully, with enough interest, we can begin our own FC Wellness Nordic Walking Group!


· Contact Penny for more information!

 How To Earn A Participation Incentive 

  1. Print a Wellness Program Activity Calendar (see the box to the right), or use your own log.  Record your minutes, steps, or miles and see what your activity category is at the end of the month (see the chart below which has been created by Penny).

  2. Turn in your log, or contact Penny with your totals and category each month (Fitbit users can submit just monthly totals instead of printing weekly reports).

  3. Once per quarter, meet with Penny in person, over the phone or email,  or attend a Wellness Program Class or other event to maintain participation. 

To earn participation credit, please submit your monthly totals and category. Daily and weekly totals are not required, but will be accepted (this is important if you are using an electronic tracker or device).     

Great Activity Tracking Ideas (Optional But Useful)

Use your Fitbit, pedometer, or other device, or download the Google Fit app which tracks steps as you carry your phone.

Use a good old fashioned paper Wellness Program Activity Calendar, or whatever is easiest for you to use.

Total and Category Chart

Tools & Activities

 NEW! Monthly Incentive         Logs for Physical                        Activity.                Print a new one every month, and turn them in by the end of each quarter.


Courthouse Walking



Lander: Wed & Fri, Noon

Riverton: Mon, Noon


Classes are taught at the library


Ongoing Classes

F.C. Wellness is a Collaborative Partner with the Everybody Walk Initiative


Target Heart Rate

Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

          For general fitness, aim for 4-6, Moderate Activity