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Prescription Coverage Program

        Fremont County offers a Prescription               Coverage Program in which employees, spouses, and dependents can receive medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and asthma at no cost.

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Check on Symptoms

 If you have an ache, pain, swelling, or other symptom and would like to have an idea as to what it could be and what to do, try Mayo Clinic's Symptom Checker:


Teladoc is available to insurance participants  and their families. Talk to a doctor anytime and get the care you need.

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Blood Pressure

Normal Pulse

BMI and Waist

BMI, or Body Mass Index is based on a formula using height (inches) & weight (pounds):

BMI= (703 * weight) / (height * height)

Waist measurement, with or without considering BMI, is a more accurate way to determine a healthy weight. Measurements above the maximum for both men and women reflect an increase risk on developing diseases, like heart disease and

Type 2 Diabetes. 

Healthy Waist Meas. for Men:  <40 inches

Healthy Waist Meas. for Women:  <35 inches