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Sugar Intake

The majority of chronic health issues can be effectively treated simply by eating less sugar! Keep track of your sugar intake, and try to limit it to at or even below the recommended servings: 7 teaspoons or sugar cubes, per day for adults  (which equals 28 grams or 112 calories PER DAY, see below).

1 Sugar Cube = 1 Teaspoon Sugar = 4 grams = 16 calories

More info on sugar: 


The Fooducate website or app can help you decide on the healthiest foods to eat or purchase at the store or restaurant. Find recipes and Diet Tidbits as well! 

Whole 30

Develop a healthier relationship with food, conquer cravings, and discover food intolerances or allergies by following this program for just 30 days. For an ongoing program, follow the tips for the Whole9 Nutrition Program.

Fremont County Wellness Program offers the Whole9 Nutrition and Whole30 Program to participants at no cost. Download it by clicking link below.