Healthy Steps for Chronic Diseases

There have been a few adjustments to the program. First you will notice the new physician statement (posted in the box on the right). These forms include more than a physician signature. They serve as a checklist and also include blood pressure measurements, the date of your last health fair testing, etc. You can fill them out over the period of the year and turn it in as soon as you get it completed. The dependent forms still only requirement a physician signature.

These new forms are required one time per year for participation. If this form is not completed by Dec 31, then a participant will be removed from the program Jan 31. 

Beginning in February, you will also receive participation newsletters with information focusing on the 4 conditions covered by the program to show regular participation. The newsletters will be due quarterly. Regular participation can also be accomplished by meeting with Penny. 

Annual Participation Forms 

For Employees & Spouses 

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Asthma:


if you fall into more than one category, you only need to get one form signed. For diabetes medications plus another, use the diabetes form. 

For Dependents