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Welcome to the The Healthy Steps Community!

     Walking is the form of exercise that is easy to do (we do it everyday) and has terrific benefits for our health and wellness. Walking strengthens our muscles and bones; it decreases our risk of developing chronic diseases (and helps to improve our health if we already have a chronic disease); decreases stress; and develops healthier heart and lungs, and even improves our digestion- that is, when we do enough walking, and far too many of us do not. So, your challenge this month is to walk more!

    While many participants have Fitbits or use apps to track steps and activity, the Wellness Program has  pedometers available to those who would like to keep track of, and increase, their steps. A list of 100 Ways to Add 2,000 Steps is posted on the Wellness Webpage, News & Activities tab, along with the map of 4 Ways to Walk 1 Mile Around the Courthouse created years ago by John Applegate.  At the end of the month, be sure to compare your monthly step total to the chart on the back of this log.

     If you can walk 3.1 miles, try to sign up for a Charity 5K so your all of your walking goes towards not only helping you but your community too! While you’re at it, encourage a family member, friend,       co-worker, or dog to walk along with you!


Fremont County & The National Diabetes Prevention Program

The Wellness Program offers the National Diabetes Prevention Program developed by the CDC. It is research based and proven effective nationally in decreasing weight and glucose levels– and risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. The program was designed to educate people about their risk since 1 out of 3 people has prediabetes, but only 11% are aware of it. This program is also effective for other health goals such as weight loss, increasing physical activity, and lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as glucose levels. 


Therefore, the Wellness Program has tailored the National Diabetes Prevention Program to Fremont County participants with a variety of goals by offering lessons both online and in person with regular guidance and support. 

If you are interested in learning more about the National Program, including the research showing its effectiveness, please click the link below: