Wyoming Department of Health 

Coronavirus Information 

Important Message About the Wellness Program:

Hello Everyone,


I hope you are feeling well! The latest situation has caused me to change a few things for the Wellness Program. Please read for important news on the health fair, premium reductions, and participation incentives.

Health Fair

The Spring Employee Health Fair in April has been rescheduled to August 26 & 27.  You are welcome to attend any Wyoming Health Fair Blood Draw, but their schedule is being updated regularly. Please check wyominghealthfairs.com for current information on their blood draw schedule. 

Premium Reductions

The due date for premium reductions forms will be due October 2, with the 2020-2021 premium reductions taking affect December 31, 2020. Current premium reductions will stay in place until then. New employees and new participants can still complete their forms now. I will be doing in-person measurements again April 20, and I will accept any measurements you have completed with your physician or medical professional in 2020. I can accept health fair results completed within the last 24 months. 

Participation Incentive

For those who qualify to receive an incentive, I am accepting logs as usual to have the incentive paid in July. I will accept all logs completed Jan-June by July 3. If you are ill and unable to complete physical activity, or are at home with no access to a BP cuff, simply record that on your log. 

My Hours & Schedule

I am keeping myself in Riverton through April 20. I am happy to meet with any participant by phone, email, or even video call. I will re-evaluate my schedule for the week of April 20 and keep you posted. Tai Chi classes will be offered via Zoom meetings through the month of April, on Mondays and Wednesdays at noon for 30 minutes. You are welcome to join us! Light physical activity helps boost the immune system and helps you feel better...mentally, emotionally, and physically.

We will get through this! Hang in there and be sure to wash yer hands! Stay well!



Text a Crisis Counselor:

Text Wyo to 741741


This can be used by anyone needing support through an emotional or mental health crisis. After texting Wyo to 741741, and answering  a few basic questions, a trained Crisis Counselor will text you back within a few   minutes.

Talk To A Crisis Counselor

 Call 1-800-273-8255